[SKRIPT] SKBlocks | NOW 100% free BETA 1.7

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An Advanced EZBlocks made with Skript and 100% customizable!
What it does:
This skript allows you to see your broken blocks like EZBlocks. But what's special about this skript is, every single message is 99% configurable, lightweight (20KB) and has details on with which item you broke a block.

The Permissions are your choice. Customizable in the config
- skblocks.reload - Reloads the Skript
- skblocks.use - Use /blocks and all the other commands. (except reload)
- skblocks.reset - Reset a players blocks broken
- skblocks.add - Add to a players blocks broken

Skript 2.2
SKQuery 3.0/4.0

What has been Added in BETA 1.2?:
Added a way to get rewards every X amount of blocks (Sorry lots of updates today xD) And of course, Editable in the options part of the skript! Customize as much as you can!!

What if I want more OneTime goals?:
If you need More Ranks You can PM me on skype or McM I'll do them for free if its less then 5 :) or else we can talk about it!

What is Your Skype?:
My Public Skype is Killian.plays

Latest Version:
The Current Latest Version of this Skript is 1.1 BETA









Every donation is appreciated. It will motivate me updating this resource and add more features and release more free skripts!!

Latest updates

  1. Fixed <none> for items that didnt have a name

    What the title says
  2. Fixed a message

    Unknown argument message fixed
  3. Fixed Unknown Arguments and Added Block counter on Pickaxe

    Fixed Unknown Arguments and Added Block counter on Pickaxe

Latest reviews

NOICE skript!!!
But, I suggest you add something like an event where like the top 40 or something show up!! But, it's still a nice skript!
This is really neat! I like I always wanted something other than EZBlocks thanks man.
Thanks Man! :) <3
Great resource!
It has organized and simplistic code which always helps out owners/devs.

I do suggest you replace "%player%" with "%uuid of player%" so all stats are not lost when a player changes their name but apart from that great job!
I will try my best :) Tomorrow I will add a new version with a autocheck version.
Glad you liked it! thanks for the review
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