50% OFF ! 77 citizen quests config ( 2045 lines of quests! ) 2.0

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Hello there!

I'am selling a very interesting product, it is the config file of 77 quests made by me! ( 2045 lines of code in the quest file )

Quests are very importants in Survival, RP, RPG servers and everyone know that creating a lot of quests is very long ( days and weeks ). You are there to save your time and save yourself from doing this boring activity ( making quests ).

When you are purchasing my product, you will get two folders, "Citizens" and "Quests" which is the configs file of the two plugins, citizen and quests. This total of 77 quests are from 5 differents NPC: "Woodcutter, Miner, Florist, Hunter, and John".
You need to teleport them to you with this command "/npc select 1" and "/npc move" for exemple.








Note: Some quests rewards, or some sentence are probably not adapted to your server, you are able to change what you want in the config.

Latest updates

  1. fixed grammar

    fixed grammar
  2. fixed a bug with a reward

    fixed a bug with a reward

Latest reviews

What quests plugin is this for ?
Panta Rhei
Panta Rhei
hi, it is for the plugin Quests created for citizen
Loved this! Made things a lot easier for me.
Panta Rhei
Panta Rhei
thanks a lot i really appreciate it ^^
Good quests, i hope that you will add some more in next updates!
Good config, however there are more than a few English mistakes throughout the config. I had to sit for about 20 minutes spell checking all of the sentences.
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