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[HQ] Custom NCP Fork & Configuration 5.5.3

Unlock the true potential of NoCheatPlus!

  1. 5.5.3!

    NCP: (Configuration regen is recommended)
    • Fixed 'That command doesn't exist' occurring in console occasionally.
    • Made debugging for movement a bit easier and informative.
    • Fixes random setback on stairs.
    • Fixes setback when under hopper that faces a direction.
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  2. 5.5.2!

    NCP Fork:
    • Minor BHop adjustments.
    • Fixes sprinting on ice with a trapdoor above.
    • Some combat checks send notifications sooner (config).
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  3. 5.5.1!

    NCP Fork changes:
    • Further build upon Speed and movement improvements.
      • Fix Speed 6 effect + sneaking (@JHarris12345).
      • Don't allow speed when fast use is detected.
      • Fix step false when jumping off the edge of a block.
      • Allow faster speed when colliding with entities.
      • Boat + ice speed limit.
      • Improved Speed (fall).
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  4. 5.5!

    IMPORTANT: I've extended the discounted license renewal until January 3rd. After that, the price will increase and stay at $2.50.
    This version will show up as 5.4.2 when using /ncp version.

    NCP Fork Changes:
    • Fixed elytra sometimes setting back players
    • Fixed permission node for pitchpattern.
    • Fixed minor VL generation under survivalfly from tnt explosions.
    • Fixed protocollib not being detected. Update...
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  5. 5.4.1!

    NCP Fork:
    • Fixes some block's mining duration.
    • Added Freq Violations Hook for survivalfly.
      • A hook good at preventing false flags on small Vls and help generate larger on checks given out too small vl.
      • Regenerating the configuration is a must for the hook to work.
    Patchwork updated to support 1.15.1. Join the Discord for update notes and such there. Discord link in provided txt file.
    NCPDragdown updated to support 1.7-1.15.1.
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  6. 5.4!

    NCP Fork:
    • Compiled with and updated to fully support 1.15.1
    • Apply honeyblock mechanics/fall damage.
    • Update protocollib support.
    • Readd swimming to inventorymove check.
    • Fixes a jesus check bug.
    • Fixes a conflict with Shopkeeper plugin.
  7. 5.3.4!

    • Fixed standing on an elevated single chest.
    • Define all 1.15 blocks (basic)
      • Have to wait for Spigot 1.15 for further testing.
      • Updated version that fully supports 1.15 should be ready now, PM if you're a mad lad who wants to run 1.15 already. :p
    • New check/recoding sections in progress.
    Focusing on finals for the next week before further testing a new scaffold check. May experiment a bit more with 1.15 when a paperspigot version is...
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  8. 5.3.3!

    • Introduces MoreInventory check, to be configurable later.
    • Don't load checks non-async.
    • Limit book/packet exploit [general fix].
    • Minor configuration changes for delayed notifications.
    • A brand new NCP configuration for Kyra is ready and can be found in the additional plugins folder....
  9. 5.3.2!

    I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing my second resource on MC-Market which I've dubbed as "Project Artemis" - and have since renamed to Kyra for the last 2+ years and I've finally made it a reality with the help of Lyrq. Kyra is an advanced infractions system that solves the issue of trusting an anti-cheat to punish players with a single check.

    Reactions on the thread are appreciated:...
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  10. 5.3.1!

    Tl;dr - Licenses are not unlimited anymore, this resource will be using a license renewal system now. If you've purchased the resource in the last month or so, you're entitled to updates till January 1st if you message me. Previous buyers will have to renew their license from the 'My Licenses' tab at the top of the page at a discounted price. The reasoning behind this change can be found below. If you send me a message auto-reply will send you a link!

    The plugin and all...
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