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Punish GUI **NEW** 1.2

Make server moderation easy

  1. NekrosBurek
    This configuration is still Work in Progress, so most features are not working, although it can be used now in public servers, if you want to help this configuration grow please give your feedback on the discord server

    This configuration is here to help out server administration across Minecraft servers.

    - Ban Plugin (Bellow is a list of supported plugins)
    - MyCommand (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/mycommand)

    * This Configuration doesn't support bungee

    Supported plugins:
    • Essentials
    • MaxBans
    • AdvancedBan
    • LiteBans

    - Essentials support
    - AdvancedBan and MaxBans support (from 1.0.1 version)
    - Nice configured GUI
    - Tiers
    - Freeze player support (Needs Freeze plugin)

    To Do:

    - Add second and third Tier for Mute, Kick, and Ban
    - Add support for Silence options with mute, kick, ban, etc.
    - Custom Variables (server_name, date, and more)
    - Add support for other plugins
    - Random Mute and Ban timers
    - Give me your suggestions on the discord


    Q: My freeze command is not working, why?
    A: Freeze requires some plugin to work

    Q: Is it possible for you to add something?
    A: Sure, give your suggestion on the discord

    Q: I inserted the configuration but it doesn't work, what now?
    A: If you followed the instructions and still is not working please contact me on discord and I will check it out

Recent Updates

  1. LiteBans support
  2. Small fix
  3. MaxBans/AdvancedBan support

Recent Reviews

  1. Galaxy MC
    Galaxy MC
    Version: 1.2
    Couldn't find out what command it was... i used essentials and litebans
  2. ThatOneBuyer
    Version: 1.2
    Simply thank you, An amazing gui for free? You are a hero to server owners globally <3
  3. GrayAspect
    Version: 1.0.2
    This resource is simply amazing!

    The author of this resource provide so much help when fixing issues and solving problems that you have with the addon. The simplistic GUI helps your staff members get around the server with punishments in the blink of an eye and ultimately helps the server out alot! By far the best punishment GUI i've used based on the simple looks, hooks with maxbans, advancedbans etc & the amazing author who is always ready to help via discord!

    I highly recommend this to any other server owner out there that is looking for simple punishment solutions with basic permissions!

    5/5 stars :D
    1. NekrosBurek
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much, glad i can help out