Bungee Announce (Like MP) (1.8-1.16+) 1.11

/announce plugin for bungeecord! (Like MP)

Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    Fixed metrics Cleaned code
  2. Error Fix

    Fixed an error that would occur when not entering a message. Upcoming: Recode
  3. Required Update

    This update is required. It changes the URL which we use for the license system as we made it...

Latest reviews

Very nice! Could you add aliases for /alert ? It will be great!!!
Does what is has to do.

Great plugin by a great developing team.
Amazing, The plugin & the security leak thing.. You would think it would take like hours to activate but NOPE it took 5mins
Today i tested out this plugin, The plugin works really well for what it is. Its easy and simple to install... The hardest part is putting in your "Login" information to "register" your copy of the plugin.

The messages display on players screens in a clean and efficient fashion which looks amazing right out of the box.

The plugin creator is a friendly and nice guy to talk to, He has multiple different bungee plugins, I've had the chance to check out two of them currently and they are amazing for the prices.

Great plugin for the money! Well worth the $1 :)
Thanks! I know the registration of the license system is hard I had no choice but to add it due to leakers.
What is the limit for the stay time? But everything else its FABULOUS!!
Great plugin, easy to use, and good support from author.
Awesome plugin! And cheap aswell!
Thanks :)
Great plugin, works great. Very active on updating and listens to requests :)
Thanks :)
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