{Thread Design} Fire Watch [unmaintained] 1.1

A clean, sick thread design useful for any company!
This is a clean and modern thread design, that is fit for any company. It has an About section, a clickable Portfolio section, and a Contact section (Which could also be used as a Signature if wanted).

To modify this Thread Design, you will need Photoshop.

The thread design is split into three sections.
Main- The Main part of the thread.
Portfolio- You can link it to your portfolio, so users can click it.
Contact- Can link it to a Discord or whatever you want.

There is also a version without split images.


When purchasing, you may not remove the Thread Design by Religion copymark. If you wish to do so, PM me and we can work out a fee.

Latest updates

  1. One Image

    Added an option to modify just one image, rather than the split images.

Latest reviews

#religionforpres I love this ty
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