Buycraft TOS and Email Correspondance 3.0

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This is a guide for your servers Buycraft TOS
You have full permission from myself to use this. The only thing I ask is please replace your server name in all cases. I hope this helps everyone and good luck!

Updated to a formatted word document :D

Latest updates

  1. New format, more correct definitions.

    This includes a "fill in the blank" format for all area's your server name should be. It also...
  2. Spelling Error and more PayPal Buyer's Protection Information

    Enjoy! <3
  3. Formatted Word File + Blanks for Server Name

    TOS for your server's Buycraft! Enjoy <3 ________________________________________________ TOS...

Latest reviews

Pretty good. Only issue is you have to state what "IRL" means.
It's a pretty good TOS, you need to add more though + editing.
Let me know what you would liked edited and I'd be happy to add it!
add some depth on paypal chargebacks. such as the fact they are not covered by buyer protection, that Consumable items and virtual goods are not covered by that either. not bad though.
Good idea! Ill update when I'm home.
It's a decent TOS, but it could use some editing. Useful overall.
Thank you! I will be updating soon with some more things and attempt to find a better way of keeping formats.
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