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Skript minigame based on the draw and guess games, but with building!



Do you remember the famous minigame Build It a.k.a Build My Thing? All available plugins are outdated and not working well, so I decided to make my own version of the game. The goal of the game is to guess what the player in the center is building. Guessing and getting your building guessed gives points, the player with the most points wins!


  • Dynamic join signs
  • Fancy scoreaboards (See pictures)
  • Everything is automated
  • Every player is building 2 rounds
  • Top wins signs
  • Chat per arena
  • The builder can choose from 3 words with clickable message in the chat
  • Unlimited arenas
  • The words can be in any language/alphabet!
  • Colored glass behind the signs based on the state
  • Automaticly end the game if someone left and there are less than 3 players. If half of the rounds are done the game will finish and the players will get their prizes, if not - the game will get disbanded.
  • Easy to configure
  • Unlimited words in a separated .txt file
  • Keeps stats about wins, games played, guessed words and buildings guessed by everyone (see placeholders)
  • Every message is on the top of the script, making it easier to edit.
  • Every option that may be usefull is on the top of the script, making it easier to edit.
  • After all its script, so if you have any understandings of how it works, you can edit everything!

Download all dependencies (you can see them if you scroll down the page), place the script and the words list files into the skript/scripts/ folder and reload it with /sk reload buildnguess
Editing the options is easy. Simply open the file with notepad++ or any other text redactor and change the options. Every option is commented to make it clearer to change for users. You have to setup 2 databases from in the main Skript folder! 1 for the stats, and 1 for the games. You can use MySQl or the SQLibrary plugin (See dependencies)


  1. Set the main lobby (where the players will be teleported after the game ends) - /bng setmainlobby
  2. Create an arena - /bng create <arena>
  3. Set min and max players /bng setmin/min <arena> <num> (The min players shoud be more than 3 and the max shoud be more or equal to the min players)
  4. Set the lobby (waitroom) - /bng setlobby <arena>
  5. Set the arena point (where the players are teleported on game start) - /bng setgp <arena>
  6. Set the builder point (where the player who is building is teleported) - /bng setbp <arena>
  7. Set the builder's plot possitions (It shoud be empty space and square. Everything inside it will be set to air to clean the builder's buidling. Players wont be able to build outside of it!) - /bng pos1/2 <arena>
    • You have to create a region with World Guard at the same possitions named <arena>_build and set build, block-place and block-break to allow in it. Don't worry, players won't be able to build outside of it!
  8. Place the join signs (info in the script or FAQ) and select the 2 corners of the signs - /bng setjoinsigns pos1/2
Setup video will be added soon!


The pictures are from my server, where everything but some messages are the same, they are all configurable! ;)
Ingame & Lobby Scoreboards:
Builder word selecting:

Guessing the word:




bng.admin.setup - Setup the arena
bng.admin.bypass - Bypass the ingame commands restriction
(Can be changed from the options)

Every skript addon can be downloaded from this website.
Here is what I have used when creating the script. Download them from the website above or any official page of those plugins.

Here are all the dependencies from my server. If you have any problems or you are new to skript, use them: Download Button


MvDW's placeholders:
{skript:stats.%player%.guess.first} - Number of words guessed first
{skript:stats.%player%.guess.guesses} - Number of total words guessed
{skript:stats.%player%.guess.perfect} - Number of perfect guessed buildings
{skript:stats.%player%.wins.guess} - Number of wins
{} - Number of games finished
{skript:stats.guess.<place>} - Top wins (Replace <place> with the place number. Eg {skript:stats.guess.1} for first place)
  • Add cheating signs
  • Give me more ideas in the thread

Q: Where can I try the plugin?
You can try the plugin in my server: at the Building Games server, Guess Mode
Q: I found a bug, what shoud I do?
Send me a PM or write a post in the plugin's thread! I will fix it as soon as possible!
Q: How can I create a sign?

Then you need to select the 2 opposite corners and type: /bng setstatssigns pos1/2
or /bng setjoinsigns pos1/2 as showed:
More will be added soon...
Test Server:

You can test this plugin in my server: | Building Games (/buildbattle in the hub) and then Guess Mode

NOTE: I use this version on my server and there shoudnt be any bugs. Anyways if you find any, contact me and I will fix them ASAP.


Latest updates

  1. Big update!

    Added support for all alphabets, not only the english one. Added the count of the characters...
  2. Fixed a placeholder bug in the config

  3. Default arenas world error

    Added a message for the console on loading if the games world does not exist.
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