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Level up in game for rewards!
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This plugin is called "FactionsLevels", as you can see it is for a Factions Server, however you will not notice that in game. So, you can use this for an OpPrison Server, SkyBlock, Survival, etc. Basically, it is a questions plugin but with money only. You can setup as many levels as you'd like, as well as setup the rewards, and the messages however you want to. It will AUTO make a new page once you get to the bottom as well.


/levels (Main command to open up the GUI)
*No other commands are in this plugin.

Config is 100% customizable, as well as the messages.

Here is what the config looks like, as well as the messsages.yml. Along with a picture of everything working etc.



Messages.yml (Config.yml)
- https://hastebin.com/wekedapize.sql
- https://hastebin.com/ipibecaniq.pas

Everything is customizable, so you can edit it to however you like. :)

No Reward Message:

Reward Message:

As you can see it is quite well setup.. You will get the plugin with it not setup yet, however I would be willing to setup the plugin however you like it for a little extra $ :p (Would be done based on the amount of levels you want made and the rewards etc.

Also, this plugin is not a FACTIONS Level up, it is a LevelUP for an Individual PLAYER! The plugin stores all data from players, and what level they are under their UUID. So, this is not a Factions LevelUp plugin. This is for an individual player to level up, and so on. Not factions based.

Anyhow, please NOTE:

I did NOT make this plugin, when I bought the plugin I got the right to resell it. This is NOT my work, therefore if you want anything edited, it can not be done, so do NOT buy this, if you would want something changed within the code etc, as it will not be done. If you are interested in this plugin, but want more features, send me a PM and I can get you in contact with my Developer!

If you have any questions, please message me, or post in the discussion section.

Best Regards,
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