[Sale]Featherboard Config [6 different colours] 1.3

Faction Featherboard High Quality.

How to use it ?
1:after buying this you will get a zip file
2:select the color you want to use
3:Buy featherboard plugin
4: put it in your plugins folder and run server
5:go on featherboard folder and remove the config.yml
6: paste the config you bought from me
7:reload server

what i get when i puschase this ?
You get :
*6 Config.yml of featherboard
*6 different colors
you can use anyone you want.

You can Buy it here with rocketr:https://rocketr.net/buy/db5e88d1d34c

1 [✓]
5 [✗]
10 [✗]
20 [✗]
50 [✗]

Latest updates

  1. Added my tos into it + change a few messages errors

    -Added TOS -Fixed a few message errors found
  2. a bug in title fixed

    fixed a bug wich was in tittle.
  3. Fixed a color bug

    Updated,fixed some bugs in kills&deaths
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