[Sale 50% off] Faction spawn 1.2

Get your spawn, finish your server !
Hello Mc-Marketers,

This is a timber themed Op-Faction or Faction spawn that was built by yours truly. It is a symmetrical spawn that is separated into 4 quadrants with a distinct tree in the center of each. The blocks used in this building contrast together to create a magnificent on your player base.

The price of this spawn is $2 USD; however, I am willing to offers on this splendid spawn.


> Shop
> Four Boards
> Crates place

> 1 Copy Sold [✓]
> 5 Copies Sold [✗]
> 10 Copies Sold [✗]
> 20 Copies Sold [✗]
> 50 Copies Sold [✗]

I am only looking to make a small revenue from this build, therefore, if you do not like this build, don’t trash my thread.

Sincere Regards,

Latest updates

  1. Price lowered to 1.5$

    Lowered price to 1.5
  2. Price changed

    changed the price to 2 USD so you can buy it :)
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