PlayerRedirect 2.0

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Send your players to another server when the server stops or restarts

This is the most lightweight and efficient plugin for automatically sending all your players to another server when your server stops or restarts.

You need to put this plugin to your Spigot servers which are connected together using a BungeeCord server


For using this plugin you need to add SpigotLib to your server.


Before asking anything please read this description several times, and make sure you added SpigotLib to your server.
If you still have any question, you found a bug, or you need a custom plugin feel free to contact me on Skype.
My Skype name is gyurixdev.
When you see that the plugin is working as it should please do not forget to leave a review.


No commands and permissions at all


#The name of the server to which the players should be redirected on server shutdown/restart
toServer: Hub


• You are ALLOWED to modify the plugins source code only for your own server/network.
• You are NOT ALLOWED to share the plugin or it's any modified versions / decompiled source code, you are only allowed to share the URL of this webpage.
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