Bungee MSG (1.8-1.13) 1.3

Easy /msg and /r for bungeecord! (fully customizable)

Latest updates

  1. Requests

    Added command aliases: /m, /message Updated Metrics
  2. Required Update

    This update is required. It changes the URL which we use for the license system as we made it...
  3. Small Changes

    Changes: https://wiki.bghddevelopment.com/books/bungeemsg/page/11---changelog New Wiki...

Latest reviews

Missing some commands such as /w /t and a /socialspy aspect, asked the Developer to add it, he said he would yet he didn't. Just an outdated plugin and you might as well get one custom coded instead of wasting your time with this.
I am dealing with 3 IRL jobs + full time school. Along with managing and making 5 youtube videos a week, working part time for a server, and working on over 50+ public plugins.

I will get to the update when it’s possible for me too. Everything that was on the plugin page is included and new features are added when possible. Bug fixes in any of our resources will come before new features.
Amazing plugin. The developer helped me to fix the issue :).
You could add a timer, run the commands every few hours as seconds or minutes
Please suggest on discord
Hey! It works perfectly as it should, changed the messages and set the permissions. Found no bugs.
Excellent plugin works 100%, but can you put a command to reload the plugin? & Put something so that the player can not send messages himself?
Nice Plugins.I very like it.
Thanks :)
Absolutely perfect plugin, no issues so far! super simple just drag and drop!
Very good plugin I am using this on my server :)
Add /ignore player and /msg toggle
Reviews are not the place to suggest updates. Join the discord to suggest them.
Very good plugin, simple, not expensive and very good support from author ! ;)
Thanks :)
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