Included 4 koth builds
File format
  1. Schematic
koth koths
These builds are meant to be used for faction servers as koths.
Each koth is based on flat surface (for better pvp experience ) and features unique design.

Dimensions for each koth: 100x100

Compatible even with 1.7+ Minecraft servers!

Included four builds: plains, rocks, desert, oasis.

Extra pictures you can view here: Click here
3D preview:
Video cinematic: Click here

After purchase you will receive .zip file containing 4 schematics. If you have any issues you are welcome to contact me via PM.

Latest updates

  1. Now compatible with Minecraft 1.7+

    I wasn't aware that so many HCF servers still prefer 1.7 over 1.8 Minecraft version so I have...
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