Stellar Dev Skyblock Island Border 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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Create a visual border on each Skyblock island!
  • Currently Supports:
    • ASkyBlock
  • Fully customisable border settings GUI including click and open sounds.
  • Automatically adjusts to your set island protection size.
  • Set your border color either RED, GREEN or BLUE in the GUI or via command.
  • Toggle the border visibility through the GUI or via command.
  • You can enable cooldowns for editing your island border settings.
  • Player settings are stored in flat file storage and, therefore, your personal settings are never reset upon a server restart.
  • PlaceholderAPI support - Use data from this plugin into other plugins! View placeholders here.
Crediting original
Lewis D

Latest updates

  1. Update - v2.2.0

    v2.2.0 Fixed bug where border would disable when you rejoin. Fixed permission node for border...
  2. Update - v2.1.0

    v2.1.0 Completely recoded plugin and updated overview page. Check the overview page for the...
  3. Update 2.0.4

    Updating the ASkyBlock API.

Latest reviews

Plugin is no longer supported by the author!

You can easily bypass the barrier using a boat, as well as push the blocks beyond it using a piston.
Of course, before reviewing, I wrote to the author, here is his answer: "Unfortunately that plugin is no longer maintained"
Fast support ticket, perfect for needs!
Nice and fast support, very good plugin fit what i needed :)
Thanks for the review :)
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming.
On days like this... Developer like you...
Thank you for the review :)
Awesome plugin! Am I crazy or can I just not find how to change the size of the world border? If told how, gladly to up to 5 star.
To change border sizes just change the size of the island. You can do it with / asadmin setrange and the size of the border will be updated in a few seconds.
Does exactly what it's supposed to do! I suggest this to all skyblock servers out there!
Thanks for your review!
Es lo que buscaba, realmente SamuelCnc3 es un desarrollador de calidad, estaba actualizando mi skyblock y esto si que le dará un toque especial.
No hay desperdicio en comprar este grandioso plugin, debería de estar también en Spigot para que más gente vaya conociéndolo.
My first experience with this plugin, I contacted the developer if the plugin would work on my 1.8.X-1.13 A-SkyBlock Server, he told me it should, Also I asked him if the plugin will place borders on every island in the SAME world, he told me "yes".

So yea I bought this plugin and installed it, It works perfectly with the config of ASkyBlock that I have set before so like he says you don't have to do anything, the border will just stay on the max size of your island so no upgrading stuff, that will maybe come in the future.

My server is a 1.8.8 spigot server with plugin via version and installed, that means players from 1.9 and above also can join the same server. I have tested it on 1.8.8, 1.9, 1.12.2 and 1.13, it all worked perfectly. Keep in mind the plugin doesn't support 1.13 servers, but soon it will with the new update.

Perfect Plugin for my ASkyBlock and a must have premium plugin for you skyblock server!
Thank you for the kind review VolticCraft!
I really like the plugin there are some problems, here and there but they are easily fixed
Thanks for your review!
Purchased this for my server, I absolutely love it!
Suggest this to all skyblock servers out there.

Worth every penny. <3
Thanks for your review! :)
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