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⭐PRO⭐ BuildBattle [1.8.8-1.14.X] ~ Unique Building Gamemode! 6.3.6

Let your players release their creativity in this amazing minigame !

  1. Update 6.3.6 - Updated set theme command

    Update 6.3.6
    11th November 2019

    • /settheme command can now be used from game to change current theme
    • Added message theme_changed into translates.yml
  2. Code Improvements

    Code Improvements
    11th October 2019
    • Improved code efficiency
  3. Update 6.3.5 - Code improvements

    Update 6.3.5
    4th October 2019

    • Put on Weekend Sale
    • No new features added, improved code stability
  4. Update 6.3.5 - Fixed rewards and updated pre-made setup

    Update 6.3.5
    30th September 2019

    • Fixed error that appeared for some servers with all kind of rewards
    • Updated pre-made setup config.yml to be fully working with latest version of software
  5. Update 6.3.4 - Performance and stability update

    Update 6.3.4
    20th September 2019

    • Improved overall performance and stability of resource
  6. Update 6.3.3 - Fixed rewards bug

    Update 6.3.3
    18th September 2019

    • Fixed important bug that prevented loading rewards in versions 1.12.2 and below.
  7. Update 6.3.2 - Fixed important bugs and reworked rewards

    Update 6.3.2
    17th September 2019

    (y)It is recommended to install this update!(y)

    • Fixed bug when players were able to move away from plots
    • Fixed leaderboard refreshing bug, now they refresh correctly with actual data
    • Reworked whole reward system in config.yml
      • Please see changes in config.yml in Documentation...
  8. Update 6.3.1 - Added spectate signs

    Update 6.3.1
    15th September 2019
    • Fixed error with importing old signs from signs.yml
    • Added Spectate Arena signs
      • Added translates into translates.yml
      • Added section spectate into signs.yml
      • Updated GitHub documentation
    • To create Spectate Arena sign, place a sign with lines:
      • [bb]
      • spectate
      • <arena_name>
  9. Update 6.3.0 - Reworked Sign system

    Update 6.3.0
    13th September 2019

    • Whole sign system for PRO BuildBattle was reworked and improved its efficiency.
    • Arena and Auto-Join signs are now saved in different format into signs.yml.
    • Updating to this version automatically converts all of your active arenas join signs to the new format and imports...
  10. Update 6.2.4 - Heads Fix

    Update 6.2.4
    12th September 2019

    • Fixed bug in 6.2.3 where reload took too long because of Heads loading sync.