ShopGUI+ Pre-Made Configuration 10 Categories 1.8 Blocks Professional & Clean Design 1.1

High quality & affordable ShopGUI+ config, made ready for you.

After many hours of hard work, I am proud to bring you guys my ShopGUI+ configuration! This is the best & highest quality configuration at an affordable price.

The configuration contains 10 categories:
▶ Blocks
▶ Tools
▶ Coloured Blocks
▶ Resources
▶ Armour + Weapons
▶ Food + Farming
▶ Potions (+ Ingredients)
▶ Miscellaneous
▶ Spawners
▶ Redstone

To view photos of the shop click here!

Plugin Requirements:
ShopGUI+ (Premium)
Vault (Free)

Economy Plugin eg. Essentials (Free)
SilkSpawners/PickUpSpawners/EpicSpawners (Free/Free/Premium)

Don't have ShopGUI+?
Buy it here or check out my ChestCommands config here!


This product does not contain balanced prices nor 1.12 items. However, an update may contain the addition of this - although it is not guaranteed. This product is to be solely used as a template, therefore requiring extra work to set to your likings.

Latest reviews

Great config!everything is working as it should,and great support
not even working, the layout is alright but the items etc not even there
Great shopguiplus config.
Can u update it to latest shopgui version ?
The shop looks amazing. (Prices are not included as he mentioned above.
nice setup but no economy at all just a copy and paste of prices
Configuration is okay as a base to add on to.
keep up the good work, I have used this for few days now and have found no ways for people to cheat using the shop, Good Job!!!
Thank you for the review :)
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