Professional PvP Setup | 5.99 $ 21 Kits Treasures Crates Auctions Tags [40% SALE] 3.0

21 Kits | Rankup |4 Donation Kits/Ranks | Crates |KillStreak Rewards+ Take a look at the Test Server


Hi there, Welcome <3 !
Hope you will like the setup. :)





Once you connect to the server choose a server PvP on Hub.

Now Supports 1.7.10 Server Version.

The setup doesn't request any premium plugins,
everything is already 100 % working with theese plugins.

Featherboard and EzRanksPro can be used there is config for them, but there is no need for it because, setup already has one scoreboard, and a rankup system without EzRanksPro.

Setup contains:
  • AntiSpam - to prevent spam on the server.
  • Auctions - So players can put items on auctions.
  • ChatGames - to keep player busy and also to reward them on knowing the math.
  • ChatReaction - word puzzles with rewards.
  • ClearLag - To clear unnecessary items dropped during PvP.
  • Citizens - NPC's interactions on the spawn.
  • Crates - Two Crates, one cratekey players get when they get high killstreaks other by donating.
  • DailyRewards - Rewards for the player activities, each donator rank has separate rewards.
  • DeathMessages - More Cool Death messages.
  • Essentials - Something what is essential.
  • ExtendedInventory - So during the PvP players can pickup more items.
  • EzRanks So you can rankup and get better items, there are 21 ranks, available for normal players and 4 of them for donators.
  • Rewards for killing a players.
  • Playtime - So players can track their playtime.
  • Levels where players earn XP by killing other players.
  • Loot chests where they can find PvP Soups or Golden Nuggets which they can sell at the spawn.
  • PvP Manager - More BLOOD and also PvP tags.
  • PvP Soups - Instant health
  • Tab Score Custom
  • Trading between the players

Custom NPC's which refer you to custom services, there are 6 of them:

  • Kit Menu
  • Donations
  • Auctions
  • DailyRewards
  • Ranks Info
  • Shop


Ranks Menu:



Other two I didn't record.
Setup has two crates, Killstreak and Donator crate, you can change or add some others, this two are the basics. Killstreak crate, players get killstreak rewards and in them can happen to be a killstreak key for the crate. Donator crate key player get purchasing donator ranks.


There are also treasures and custom tags for Staff and donator ranks which they get permission per assigned group.

Tags & Treasures:


(Bug none is fixed)
Economy is balanced, kits are balanced, beautifull spawn, there is even XMAS version. Hope you have liked it and considering to buy it, so enjoy :)


To do list:
[X] More Maps
[X] Maps Rotation
Any suggestions ? PM me.

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Take a look at the most unique creative setup ever. Trust Me.

The lowest prices for this quality.

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Latest updates

  1. Version Update

    Version compatibility.
  2. Missing Pictures

    Missing pictures have been added again.
  3. Test ONLINE

    Test server has been fixed, now it's online again with the map.

Latest reviews

It's an alright pvp set-up, it's a good base but it needs a lot of tweaking. it's something i would've made when i was 15
Beautiful map and kits, are just awesome
Like other two, the setups are the best !
This resource is amazing thanks for posting it !
Amazing Setup, very nice map, well configured plugins!
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