Bungee Report (1.7-1.13) 1.1

/report for bungeecord! Good for networks!

Latest updates

  1. Required Update

    This update is required. It changes the URL which we use for the license system as we made it...
  2. Stable Release + Backend Changes

    1.0 stable release backend changes
  3. Improvements

    Lots of code fixes + small improvements that should lower file size.

Latest reviews

works great! Great staff and works as intended. Server: play.voidedmc.tk
Thanks For This Plugins, Please Upgrade For New Minecraft Version
Works fine on new versions just not updating the page to show it
Very Good Plugin I Am Using My Server | GGamer.Org
I had the chance to check out this plugin today... Id have to say its a simple and very well made bungee report plugin.

It works across all servers and tells staff members which server the report is coming from!

I would highly recommend for any server that needs a report plugin and is running multiple servers

Its a great plugin for such a low cost!
Good i am using it on play.darkmc.nl
Very good plugin I am using this on my server :)
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