Advanced FFA Setup Custom FFA Plugin Included High Efficiency Amazing FPS-Optimised Map 1.7-1.13.2

Impress your players with the most efficient, well optimised FFA server out there!

This FFA setup is a highly advanced & optimised solution for any PvP Network. Being designed with many players in mind, it scales up well even when there are many players online. The map is quite big and suits ~40 players without cluttering.

There are no requirements for this setup. Everything is included. We make sure that you get the full experience without buying anything else!

Setup Collection:
This resource can run separately, but you can also use it with other resources in this collection. Doing so offers you a pre-made network with good design and quality.

  • Server Side
  1. Highly Optimised Server ( 20 tps with ~40 players with mid-range equipment)
  2. Secure (Both for cracked and premium servers)
  3. No Useless plugins (80% of the server is made using the custom plugin. This way, we lower the plugins used and deliver a better experience)
  4. No memory leaks (The plugin & setup are made to be the highest quality, ensuring no memory leaks)
  5. Low Memory & Cpu usage (1GB RAM & i3 can sustain 40+ players)
  6. Custom FFA Plugin (Included, exclusively made for this setup)
    • Random Spawning on the map.
    • Automatic Respawn after diying.
    • Configurable messages.
    • Point & Status system
    • Custom MOTD, HELP message & /STATUS command. (that update without restarting the plugin)
    • PlaceholderAPI integration.
    • Limited F&S uses (configurable amount)
    • Automatic Fire Removal (temporary fire)
    • ClearChat command
    • No Block Breaking, Hunger, Fall Damage (Optional), item block & break
    • Permissions for all important commands
    • /fix command - UnStuck yourself, fix ghosting.
    • Hidden player nametags (Optional)
    • No Join, Leave & Kill-Death messages
    • Automatic player re-equipping
    • Killstreak system
    • Better Nametag visibility (When nametag visibility is enabled)
    • Automatically added to the game on join, given the kit.
    • Editable FFA Kit
    • Heal and give items to people who kill somebody else (configurable health regain)
  • Player Side
  1. Map (made exclusively for this lobby setup)
    • Beautifull Design
    • Optimised map (inaccessible blocks deleted in order to boost FPS) - (1000+ FPS on GTX 950)
    • Flat Map (obstacles are as scarce as possible, and as strategically placed as possible, in order not to annoy pvp-ers).
  2. Optimised PvP Experience:
  • See enemies from 6 chunks away, and gain information before they get too close.
  • 2 height levels map, lettings players retreat when it is necesarry and encouraging strategic play.
  • NoCheatPlus Optimisation:
  • No useless checks to improve performance
  • Slightly altered some features to improve PvP, removing useless or overreactive checks

Proof of ownership:








The AdvancedFFA plugin is not the free one found on SpigotMc. I chose a similar name to it because of how my setup collection is named. If you want, I can change it in the next versions.

Test Server:

Skype contact - stefatorus
Discord Id - Stefatorus#9382

Questions & Technical Support:

Latest updates

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  2. [Plugin Fix] Better Unbreakable-Items Feature

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  3. Fixed Unbreaking Bug

    Changes - Fixed unbreaking being bugged by flint&steel

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Best FFA server i was found!Keep working Dude ;)
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