90x90 Post-Apocalyptic Spawn |$2.35| 2017-12-11

HQ small post-apocalyptic spawn for factions, survival or others.
File format
  1. Schematic
factions lobby spawn survival
Hello, here I have a small 90x90 post-apocalyptic cute spawn for your server, hope you'll enjoy it.
-Price: $2.35
-Size: 90x90
-Usage: Factions, survival spawn, lobby, others.
-Build details: spawn point, it have 4 exits, crates, enchant,etc.

1. You buy the product in the current stage, I won't make edits.
2. You don't have rights to resell or give the product for free.
3. You don't have right to take build credits as your own.
4. Buying my products you're accepting my Terms and Conditions.
Discord: xIurie#1620
Skype: iurie.canatui
Twitter: http://twitter.com/iurie14
Instagram: www.instagram.com/xIuriE
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