{AntiSwear} Simple Chat Filter 2.1

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Easily censor words with ease.
This is my first plugin. Releasing it for free because I'm pretty proud of it, although it's a super simple concept.
What is this?
This is a lightweight plugin that checks player messages for words that you have blacklisted in the config.yml file. If a blacklisted word is in the message, it is replaced with a configurable word. (Default '****'.) It also plays a sound when you say a blacklisted word (This was for me to test sounds on the BukkitAPI, but I liked the idea, so never removed it).

Commands / Permissions:
/antiswear : antiswear.admin : Use help command.
/antiswear reload : antiswear.admin : Reload config.
/antiswear add <word> : antiswear.admin : Add word to config.
/antiswear remove <word> : antiswear.admin : Remove word from config.
antiswear.bypass : Bypass censored words.

Supported Versions:
Bukkit / Spigot 1.8 - 1.12

# These are the words that will be censored.
  - Fuck
  - Bitch
  - Ass
  - AddWords

# Color codes are not supported.
# This is what swear words will be replaced to.
censor: '****'

Source Code:
Want to see the code of the project? I know for me- seeing code helps me understand, especially if I am confused. This is a great tool for new Developers such as myself.


Turn this into a full on Chat core, with chat lock, muting, chat clear, anti advertising, etc (When I'm good at Java).

Latest updates

  1. Reload Fix

    /antiswear reload fixed.
  2. Plugin Overhaul

    What's new in this version? New commands to easily edit from in-game. Code overhaul, using more...
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