(1.7.x - 1.12) [Factions All-In-One] Chunkbuster, WebLimit, F Levels, Crates, FTop, TNTFill, Stacks 1.4.9

The complete plugin solution for your factions server!

Latest updates

  1. Storage System Changes

    v1.5.0 and above will no longer require a MySQL database to function, I have decided to replace...
  2. FTOP Bug Fix

    Fixed an issue that caused the FTop system to be constantly calculating and never displaying the...
  3. Error Reporting Update

    Changed the way obsfucated stack traces display to show the source class and error line...

Latest reviews

Works Perfectly, All these people below me giving negative reviews obviously don't know how to use a plugin. Very good plugin, 5 Stars
Seems Like a good plugin but I need assistance, I friended you on discord. PhantomBurch
Plugin doesn't work, terrible. It messed up my server, i couldn't turn it on.
You have not contacted me for any help whatsoever, DM me or contact me on discord @ Flix#6059 and I will assist you with setting up the plugin correctly.
Wonderful plugin and awesome support
great plugin, friendly and helpful dev, easily configurable, would defiantly recommend purchasing this factions core, worth every penny!
This is an alright plugin, most of the messages are configurable but still, a decent amount of them are not, I would rate 5 stars but I need to be able to edit all the messages.
AMAZING PLUGIN - Does everything you want and more! Professionally formatted, and configured perfectly for factions. I could not be any more happy with this plugin! Definitely worth the price.
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