Anti TNT 1.0

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TNT, First plugin.


Hello! so i've recently resigned from building but still taking commissions and i've been enjoying learning Java. yes this is my first working plugin, it will be greatly appreciated if i got some feedback and i also know there's many anti tnt plugins out there but as i said, this is my first working plugin that i've done.

About the plugin:
When a player places down a TNT they will lose 1 heart of damage and an error title message will pop up saying that they will not be able to place this TNT, once the TNT has been placed it won't stay there and be an abandoned block, it will also disappear which is handy to keep away from server lag, i will be adding more blocks to this list and also a config file which will include a list of blocks and items that you can edit to your liking.

Blocked items:
Coming soon..
Coming soon..

Config file:
Coming soon..

File size:

Version of mc:

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