netCast : [1.8-1.12] [Announcer, MOTD] 1.2

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The light-weight server util plugin.
The simple server utility with a built-in announcer, and MOTD!

/netCast <reload>

%player% (the player's name)
%prefix% (the config's prefix)
%online% (# of online players)
%total% (# of server slots)
%line% (new line)

Upcoming plans:
- There are currently no upcoming plans, because you, the community have not told me what to add! Feel free to give ideas.

Want more? Comment or PM me!

Latest updates

  1. netCast : [1.8-1.12] [Announcer, MOTD]

    Added: /an <message> # configurable
  2. netCast : The light-weight server util plugin [1.8+] [Announcer, MOTD]

    This is the updated netCast plugin! We currently offer an auto broadcaster, with a MOTD manager...
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