Minecraft Server Spawn [With Crates] 1.7+ (And Above)

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A great and highly detailed server spawn!
File format
  1. Schematic
Server Spawn

A great server spawn with crates included. The theme is chinese/asian themed. When spawned there are a couple crates around you. The spawn has some nice roads to walk on and some nice decoration. For a preview check the youtube video down below!

++ How to Install ++
1. Download the .schematic file.
2. Open your server files/FTP and head over to plugins.
3. Open the worldedit folder and search for a "schematics" folder.
4. Drag the file in there.
5. Reload your server.
6. Type //schem load spawn
7. Type //wand and left + right click the block you want to center to be.
8. Keep standing on the place that you want the center to be and type //paste
9. Give the server time to load the spawn in. It can take a bit since this spawn has 514206 blocks.
10. Have fun!
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