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Ever wanted to bring E-Dating to your server? Now you can.


Have you ever wanted to bring something new to your skyblock server but afraid of those big back Mojang EULA meanies. Well now you can. Allow your players to date each other and rankup their relationship and earn new perks along the way.

E-Datecraft is currently in early beta stage and this is the first stable cosmetic build, E-Datecraft will allow two users to "Date" each other in a way to rankup threw the server and unlock new perks on the way.


  • Date your friends
  • Unlock new perks
  • Double EXP while working together.
  • Be the servers power couple
  • Change your Scoreboard from depressing "Single" to Your partners name
  • Customization
  • LGBTQ friendly Date your best friend with the #NoHomo.
  • Editable config and customize messages
  • Free custom made featherboard


  1. Rank up your relationship with play time.
  • 1 - Speed-boost
  • 2- Exp boost
  • 3- Health
  • 4- flight when close by strength boost.
  • 5- Share health
  • - Kissing
    - Marriage
    - Children AI (Adopt Baby mobs etc)
All these are unlocked while upgrading your relationship with playtime and completing quests as a "couple"

2. Eventually adopt children to work on your skyblock island.
3. Hook in with aSkyblock
4. Add an a church hook.
5. Genders Ha! Every gender has a special perk.
- Attack helicopter (Fly) etc.
- Can create new genders for donation store

Single player





  • Feather-board (Optional)
  • Placeholder API
  • MVdWPlaceHolderAPI
  • My plugin

Proof I own it.

The thread that started it all

Support the African in need. I am poor and need money to E-Date :(

Latest updates

  1. Free

    Made resource free. Removed all premium features Rename it to "Lite" Removed all feather-board...
  2. Free

    Made version 1.0 free until 2.0 is released enjoy.
  3. Error

    Fixed an Error where you can date more people at the same time. Don't cheat :( Also lowered...

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Good but you need to add sex
High Quality, Made myself the love of my life, Now I can choose what my love does and I don't have to restrict myself ;)
oh my gosh hahahaa
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