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An epic setup HUB for your server!
HUB Setup for your server|HQ|
Hello guys,today i will be selling this HUB setup made by me this is a hub setup for your server wich has Compass connector (is a compass wich you right click and you can connect in your servers if you have bungeecord).You don't know how to create a HUB setup in spigot? wich plugins you need for it?? here is your Lobby! you can add your custom Lobby map and change featherboard aswell and much more.
-Easy configurable deluxemenu for server connector!
-Works in bungeecord servers
-All plugins you need for your HUB
-Spigot 1.8 (use viaversion if you want for another version)
-custom join message
-Custom made Featherboard config (you have to add the plugin yourself)
-Member rank configured in groupmanager
-Much more!
What you have to add/change:
-Your Lobby schematic or world
-Change deluxemenus to your server informations
-change featherboard with your server informations
-Add Featherboad.jar (premium plugin i'm not allowed to add it so i removed)
-Change all configs from "Yourservername" to your currect server name example in featherboard the tittle is YourServerName you have to change it though config.yml.
welcome message:



Gamemodes (you can change in deluxemenu config.yml) :

Want Support? hit me up:
Discord: Rezar#8033
MCM: RezarMC

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