More Natural Mobs - 10 new and modified types of Minecraft Mobs! [FREE] 1.1

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Add a brand new variety of Mobs to your Minecraft server
More Natural Mobs
10 new custom mobs, around 200 lines of code - small test package and a taste of the full range custom Mobs & Items I can deliver. The time I've been working with custom mobs and items is longer than Phineas and Ferbs summer.

Please do PM me on discord if you're interrested, as I'm offering custom mobs and custom items for reasonable prices.

Water is a dependency for this small creature, having a hard time moving on land and it only takes short time before the dry air will end this turtle.

[+] Drops:
- TurtleShell
- TurtleFlesh

Bees swarm around you, suddenly they make a quick attack! Luckily they die shortly after stinging, leaving you with terrible effects!

[+] Drops:
- Melon
- Potato

The Lumberjack is a peaceful guy, but if you attack him he hits back! At nighttime there's a chance for the peaceful Lumberjack to turn into a Werewolf..

[+] Drops
- LumberJack Axe! (Iron axe with Enchants)
- Stew
- Logs

The Werewolf is fast, it's strong and it has a lot of health. It's not very clever though, you can easily trap them.

[+] Drops
- Werewolf Teeth (Gives you custom attributes in main & offhand)

Rats are weak but fast, they're a pain in the ass. Good luck catching these if you can't get them stuck in a corner.

[+] Drops
- Whatever they find

Kangaroo is slow but is born with a good hair-day, he won't attack you unless you hit him.

[+] Drops
- Kangaroo Foot

Boars are known to be stubborn, they attack all hostile mobs. If you hit it it'll become your enemy.

[+] Drops
- Mud
- Carrots
- Meat

The bull doesn't really like anything, it espically hate mooshroom cows - they're a disgrace to the cows.

[+] Drops
- Meat

The Monkey is always equipped with either a stick or a Banana, you'll never know.

[+] Drops
- Sticks
- Banana

Not a normal bat, and not only is it angry, it's simply pissed off. Attacks on sight.

[+] Drops
- Charcoal


Free plugin created by Xikage - Link will be in the the "How to_Upload_Mobs_to_your_server.yml" File

Free plugin created by Libaryaddict - Link will be in the the "How to_Upload_Mobs_to_your_server.yml" File

Thanks Fam <3
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