Knock players off the platform. Supports all team plugins.
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  1. Gameplay
  2. Games
Supported software
  1. Bukkit
  2. Spigot
  3. Other
Supported versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
  3. 1.9
  4. 1.10
  5. 1.11
  6. 1.12
  7. 1.13
  8. 1.14
  9. 1.15
  10. 1.16
  11. 1.17
  12. 1.18
elimination factions game host knockback minigame platform sumo team

Sumo is a game mode that allows players to fight to knock each off the platform. This is a knockout system that will continue until the last man is standing. Players can be given the option to spectate, spawn with a saved kit and, much more. You can start or schedule Sumo events and reward winning players with items and commands.

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This supports all team plugins and will enable friendly fire.
Supported Languages:
  • FR - French
  • RU - Russian

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Latest updates

  1. Minor Changes

    Added a character check when creating a Sumo. Added a log to see loaded server version. Added...
  2. Immunity Fix

    Fixed an immunity glitch when leaving and joining sumo with spectate mode enabled. Fixed an...
  3. Fixes/Come back

    Dropped support for MvdwPlaceholders. Added support for 1.18 Spigot.

Latest reviews

Works great! very active and friendly developer
and most important listens to his customers :)
Would recommend his plugins to anyone :)
Thanks so much!
Works like a charm!
Awesome Developer, highly recommended!
Thanks! :)
The dev does not reply on dm, The plugin is broken asf...
WHen someone joins the event he just get teleport to a random location and sumo says the user left the event while he did not.
Good idea. Im adding to my server Play.StellarPvP.Com at an update soon, this review might change cause I havn't tested it yet.
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