Advanced Server Log [Chat, Commands, kills/deaths, chest, drop, join etc.] [UUID] [1.8 - 1.12.2] 1.3.4

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Ever wanted to record almost everything going on in your server with ease? well check me out.

  • Sorry for not updating this for some time.
  • This is a good update I recommend to use it.


  • Added Pickup event as requested from @minezock
  • Umbaska addon is not required anymore, as I've replaced the old Write to File effect with SkUtilites effect. (You can simply remove Umbaska)
  • NOTE: if you get some error like THIS please just backup and remove the file mentioned in the error and you shall not receive this error from the same file again.
  • NOTE: Skript is still supporting MC 1.13 but it's not stable yet and contains bugs also it doesn't support older versions, due to that I'm not responsible of any bugs that may occur when using MC 1.13, I personally recommend to keep using MC 1.12 as there are many plugins that still updating to MC 1.13 and some of plugins are having troubles with that update for now.
  • If you want any new features please PM me or post it on discussion page of the plugin.
» Have a great day.

• I don't know if anyone was encountering this problem before when using this plugin, but when I recently used it on my multicraft test server I saw that folders and directions aren't working because in the latest updates I changed the folder direction (path) from '../../..' to '..\\..\\..' and it seems that it's not working on mutlicraft servers!


- Fixed Folders/Files/Direction path (Wasn't working on multicraft servers and maybe other online hosting servers)

• Sorry about that unexpected bug.
• Enjoy your day.

• A small update but important.


• Fixed (on break event) file already exists bug.

» Enjoy using my plugins.

• This is a major update, it has a bunch of new features and bugs fixes.
• NOTE: with this update we've replaced WildSkript with SkUtilities (WildSkript is outdated)


- Changed help message to JSON (hoverable & clickable)
- Changed permission 'casl.updatecheck' to 'serverlog.updatecheck'
- Added options toggling in-game '/sl toggle <feature>'
- Added ExemptedPlayers - The specified player's logs won't be recorded.
- Added ExemptedWorlds - Any logs from players in the specified world won't be recorded.
- Added ExemptedCmdsFromConsole - Any of the specified commands from console won't be recorded.
- Added ExemptedCmdsFromPlayers - Any of the specified commands from players won't be recorded.
- Fixed name of folders.. now with player's UUID only (this will support if the player changed his username)
- Fixed some small bugs (I don't remember them lol)
- Fixed name of inventory when store/unstore items
- Fixed some bugs in 'on death' event
- Added & fixed '/sl' command (again, it was removed in 1.2)
- Added '/sl uuid <player>' - to check player's uuid.
- Added '/sl addplayercmd <cmd>' - **(READ NOTES BELOW) add a specific command to exempted commands by players list.
- Added '/sl addconsolecmd <cmd>' - **(READ NOTES BELOW) add a specific command to exempted commands by console list.
- Added '/sl addplayer <world>' - add a player to ExemptedPlayers list.
- Added '/sl addworld <world>' - add world to ExemptedWorlds list.
- Added '/sl removeplayercmd\remplayercmd <cmd>' - **(READ NOTES BELOW) remove a specific command from exempted commands by players list.
- Added '/sl removeconsolecmd\remconsolecmd <cmd>' - **(READ NOTES BELOW) remove a specific command from exempted commands by console list.
- Added '/sl removeplayer\remplayer <world>' - remove a player from ExemptedPlayers list.
- Added '/sl removeworld\remworld <world>' - remove a player from ExemptedWorlds list.
- Added '/sl list ExemptedPlayers/exp' - shows list of ExemptedPlayers.
- Added '/sl list ExemptedWorlds/exw' - shows list of ExemptedWorlds.
- Added '/sl list ExemptedCmdsFromConsole/excfc' - shows list of ExemptedCmdsFromConsole.
- Added '/sl list ExemptedCmdsFromPlayers/excfp' - shows list of ExemptedCmdsFromPlayers.
- Added '/sl list options/op' - shows list of options to toggle.
- Added '/sl reset ExemptedPlayers/exp' - reset the list of ExemptedPlayers
- Added '/sl reset ExemptedWorlds/exw' - reset the list of ExemptedWorlds
- Added '/sl reset ExemptedCmdsFromConsole/excfc' - reset the list of ExemptedCmdsFromConsole
- Added '/sl reset ExemptedCmdsFromPlayers/excfp' - reset the list of ExemptedCmdsFromPlayers
- Added commands (console).log for console commands only
- Added commands (players).log for players commands only
- ** NOTE: when adding commands to exempted commands only add the main command, e.g. '/sl addplayercmd op' -> √. But '/sl addplayercmd op IRAQIG4MER' -> X. This will not work correctly and might break the main command.
- ** NOTE: when removing commands from exempted commands type the exact written command.
- *SIDE NOTE: if a player got killed by /kill command the death cause will be set to the last damage/death cause
- *SIDE NOTE: Folders location is not changable anymore (will break the command if you change it)

» Finally we've reached the end :D
» Enjoy and have a nice day everyone ♥
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