High-Quality >> Fantasy hub 8 portals 1.8.8/Higher

High Quality Fantasy lobby/hub
The Lobby/Hub is huge and very colorful to give your players a really good first impression of your server.
There is plenty of things to visit in the hub, each section is very big and detailed and there is also a lot of things to see underwater.

The hub is around 450x450 blocks making it extremely big

It contains :

- 8 sections with a custom portal and sign for each one.
- A spawn platform which has its own island.
- A big room under the spawn platform for those who need a staff room or a room for information.
- A big jump in the parkour section.
- A huge lake with plenty of fishes/corals under it.

Of course, the name of the sections might not be the ones you need for your server but the signs can be changed.

Pictures of the lobby/hub:
https://skfb.ly/6yy6D - SketchFlab(3D Model)

Latest updates

  1. info update

    Updated info for the resource since I've noted there's new stuff added.
  2. Map update

    Cleaned around the spawn. Added a Schematic of the spawn. **Note** if you have downloaded this...
  3. Blocks

    Changed a few blocks to look better, Reduced price.

Latest reviews

Awesome resource.
it looks to profesional and smoth!


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