[40% OFF] ComboFly FFA Messages - Kits - The Biggest ComboFly FFA Plugin! [SRC FOR SALE] 1.9.3-B

The Best ComboFly FFA ↔ Messages - Kits - ¡The Biggest ComboFly FFA Plugin! version 1.7. & 1.8
The complement with kits informs the user of the system, vip, admin. optimized for combo, enchanted kits different from the rank.

Solving bugs adding new things to improve the project, I accept suggestions via Twitter: TheEdwardVz .
A new version of this project will be available soon.
If you need support or help with the plugin, you can contact me and request support in two ways.

Via DM on Twitter.

I am always reviewing the private messages of spigot, although I am also very active in twitter, so I can give the support and the help that they need in any of those two means.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheEdwardVz - (1 - 12hrs for respond)


There is a discount on the ComboFly FFA source code.
If you want to modify the complement to your liking, you can acquire the source code for a price of 8 $


IMAGES [v1.0]




Sin título.png



• System kits
• Kit user
• Kit vip
• Kit admin
• System combofly
• System stats (
does not need MySQL)
• Gui kits
• Combo editable config
• System Scoreboard
• Messages for Death



• Commands & Permissions:
→ /combo ↔ none
→ /stats ↔ none
→ /kits ↔ none
→ /combo help ↔ none
→ /combo kits ↔ none
→ /combo setspawn ↔ combo.admin
→ /combo reload ↔ combo.admin
→ /combo vip ↔ combo.vip
→ /combo admin ↔ combo.admin


All dependencies that are left below are completely mandatory! If you do not have any of the dependencies the plugin will not be able to walk properly!

→ Java 8.


• Installing the plugin:
1) Buy and download the plugin.
2) Download the dependencies that were left in the post!
3) Place the plugin and its dependencies in the "/plugins/" folder.

• In-game plugin configuration:
Then you should follow each step for the plugin to work properly, if you make mistakes in one repeat steps! Read it carefully

1) Start the server to create the config.yml.

2) See on the console to see if there is an error

3) When you have everything configured to your liking, enter the server and set a spawn, otherwise the players will be typed to random coordinates, for this we will use the command: /combo setspawn.

After all that, we will have correctly configured our ComboFly FFA server, if you have problems in the installation you can ask for support, above you will see how!


You can try the plugin on the following servers, where you can find the modality and you can try it!
Leave your ip of your server and twitter to add it to the servers.

IP: none ◄-► Twitter: #OficialServer

Terms of use:

Please read...
If you buy this plugin you will accept the following terms of use and service.

1) You are not allowed to distribute the plugin (it will only be used for you).
2) You are not allowed to decompile the plugin without permission.
3) You will agree not to place any stupid or bad reviews without first asking for help or support.
4) You will agree not to make any claim of money back.
5) You will accept that I have the right to change the price of the product (the plugin will improve every day, there may be price increase, or discounts for holidays)

Support: https://twitter.com/TheEdwardVz

Proof of Ownership

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Latest reviews

It is a good plugin, however, you can not edit everything, for example the Scoreboard if or if it will be in that format, something that I dislike, I hope they add more features with the updates.
Good Plugin , funciona muy bien y no va lag.
Thanks for ComboFly FFA Plugin. Recommend Plugin!
You're welcome, thanks to you :D
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