Hibernate based 2fa with sha256 hashing
A very simple, customizable 2fa plugin. The plugin uses mysql+hibernate as databasing solutions, and requires mysql.

All databasing is done using async, non-blocking operations, and this results in badass performance.

Start the plugin up, and it will create several files in the 2FA directory. You will need to turn the server off (precautionary), and put your database info into the config.json file.

Messages are located in 2fa.json. You're gonna want to change the last 2 messages at the bare minimum. These messages advertise your shop, and the plugin itself (that it exists) on login.

More information is available in the admin/owners section.


The plugin will advertise that 2fa exists on login via a configurable message. A player can then use /2fa [password] which will set their 2fa. When they login afterwards they will not be able to move, use commands, etc. without entering their pass and pressing enter.

Once their password is entered they can set a new one with /2fa.

Users require the 2fa.use permission. If they don't have it the message in "no-permissions" in 2fa.json will be displayed.

All the user-facing messages in this plugin are configurable via the 2fa.json file. There is text in the config explaining what every option does.

There is a command /set2fa [username] [newpassword] which can be used to reset the 2fa of others. This is the only way they will be able to use their account again if they forget their pass. Make sure to tell your users this! It wouldn't be a secure system otherwise.

The API is extremely simple to use.

I'm just gonna pastebin a couple of examples, as they don't particularly maintain formatting well here.

The config is purely POJO based.

Default config:

The passwords are stored as irreversible SHA256 hashes, and are 100% secure. So even if someone compromised your database they wouldn't get anything. Get a security solution you can rely on.

You can add gingercheff on skype, and I will be happy to help you when I can. I do have a M-F 9-5 job, but I'm sometimes on Skype there. Any other hours I'm almost certainly on skype.
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