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  • LiteBans Theme - Yea,after a few hours of recoding I present to you new LB theme,much better than hers older sister. New features,new design,fixed buggs...​
For now, this product is in the First Releases Phase,which means there will be a constant updates with new features,themes,addons...
For now, it exists in orange, green, purple, red, blue but plan to add more
but certainly you can edit the theme how you want.

There is no SUPPORT for this!

LANDON will install this for you for $2

Do not remove branding at the bottom.


Clean Theme - A clean and perfect theme that will be adapted to your server.
Big Logo - Perfectly centered logo of your server.

And much more for $4.99

Theme Installation
1. Create a bans folder in public.html
2. extract the files to the bans folder.
3. Enjoy in beautiful theme.







Latest updates

  1. Bug fixes | 4 new colours added

    Fixed all the bugs with MC skins not appearing, and 404 errors. Added 4 new colours into the...

Latest reviews

Хороший дизайн! С нетерпением жду обновлений!
Working and looks awesome. Recommended
How i change the page content?
Welcome player to...
Amazing theme for your bans website. Only thing I would want changed is the footer on the main page, also styling the button for searching a player
10/10 Resource highly recommended
works perfectly
Glad you enjoy the theme, I'm happy to have fixed all the previous bugs.
I imported the files and everything this does not work waste of money reporting this resource
I've seen other people website using this resource, it's fully working it seem the issue may be with yourself... It took you less than 3 mins to review my resource after you purchased it there is no way you even had time to install it correctly.
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