Shaldorn Keep| Custom scripted dungeon | Unique Bosses 3.2

This extensively scripted dungeon will blow your players away!

Shaldorn Keep
is a MythicMobs Custom Boss Dungeon that has 4 differently themed bosses that each have different abilities and 12 different dungeon mobs!
If you're looking for something to stand out from the rest of the servers this is it.
My 5+ Years of MythicMobs experience has brought me to create one of the most efficient and player pleasing mobs to date!

You will also receive
✅ Professional Premium Support
✅ New Updates
✅ Fast Bug Fixes
✅ Map Included
✅ Works together with Snowcloak


Tested On:
MythicMobs 5.0.2
Minecraft 1.18.2

Dungeons Plugin Supported (optional if you want the queue system and loot spawning in chests) [LINK]

Latest updates

  1. Error fixes & Improvements!

    Fixed players with creative mode on not being able to queue Fixed Loot Chests not working Fixed...
  2. Dual Dungeon support + bug fix!

    New Dungeon Files reworked to work seamlessly with Shaldorn Keep by combining them Fixed an...
  3. Rework for 1.18.2

    Updated for MythicMobs 5.0.2+ Updated Lootchests for 1.18.2 Updated Color and tag formatting to...

Latest reviews

Awesome resource from a very friendly developer. It's a huge resource, but you can ask for help anytime on the discord server and they will rush to aid you. We need more people like them!
Aww thank you so much for your kind review <3!
Awesome dungeon! I can not see what else dungeon map you come out with next!
Thank you for the review :)! I already have the Snowcloak dungeon out if you want to check that out.
Great dungeon for new players, amazing effects and mechanics. Gets frequent updates and other amazing quality of life stuff. This resource is the bomb I recommend anyone to get this 10/10
Thank you for the review!
A very well thought out experience. Had very quick and helpful support. I would recommend!
Thank you for the review! Glad you like it
The dungeon is amazing, it has everything a good dungeon needs. Also, the support is very fast and the developer is very kind.
Thank you for your feedback :)! Glad you enjoyed my support.
A challenging dungeon for your players. You can change and customise the mobs or add more to your liking.
Thank you for the review! Glad you and your players have enjoyed the dungeon!
Forgot to configure sounds? The spells cast by the mobs do not make any noise, fapping a boss does not make any particular sound .. it's a shame! Only the Magma Spewer make a sound when he "vomits", the rest is sad.

The boss Cursed Bokokblin bug a lot, he does almost nothing (no console error) on several tests there was only once the yellow shield, the rest of the time he summons 4 mobs and is killed without redoing anything. He removes the wall which blocks the passage 1 time out of 5. Problem with skills?
Hey, thank you for your feedback! The bosses do have sound effects, although damaging sound effects will be added as this was only the first patch after the new rework. As for any bugs mentioned please join the discord!
10/10 Very solid dungeon, the mobs are made of top notch quality with great skills, very unique effects and much more.

Recommended to anyone!
Thank you very much for your review!
The updated version of Shaldorn Keep is honestly much better than it first was, lootable chests, area sealing itself so as players couldn't run away, you have to be pretty geared up to survive the dungeon, so it's awesome!
Thank you for you review! Glad you enjoyed the dungeon :)
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