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Hi! I am here to share my GAL config with everyone to use! This is a custom config made by myself, and I am pretty confident you will like it, as well as it will work well on your server! I hope that you like this, and please be sure to leave feedback on this!

Also, it is VERY easy to change the color's to fit to your server! Just simply go to "Edit", and click "Replace All", then put "&e&l" into the first box, and then the color you want afterwards, and walla! You have changed the color!

Here are some screen shots:

Everything in the plugin is setup, everything from /rewards, to /votetop etc etc. Everything was customized and made to ensure it looks good, while still not taking up to much of chat :).

Vote Reminds, Reminder to Vote on Join, as well as /vote is all setup and ready to go, as you can see in the screen shots! You can also join my Test Server to take a look at this as well! The IP is:

Hope you like this, and please be sure to leave some feedback! It is much appreciated, and will help me figure out how to edit this, and make it better for future updates!

Best Regards,
YourPanda <3

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Thanks for the nice config ;)
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