4 High-quality display/OP Starter Islands FREE UNIQUE 1.0

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High-quality, simple yet unique.
File format
  1. Schematic
island skyblock
4 Islands:
Grass Land, Frostbite Tundra, Ol' Forest & Flower power

Each island is unique in its own way through a simple, just high-quality and detail design giving each build and island it's own touch of delight.


Go into your console, after that go to these files:
Plugins > World Edit > Create a new folder called "schematics" ( if not yet already created ) > Drop the schematic in there
Do //schematic load 4Island ( Caps count ) and find the location in which you'd like to paste the road. Once you've found a place to paste it, do "//paste -a" and paste it in the correct position.

Thanks for looking!

If you have any issues, want help, or want something else, feel free to contact me via the following links and methods below:

Discord @ dawn#6618
MCM @ Dawn
Email via [email protected]

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Vouch very nice. We should edate sometime
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vouch best islands on mcm
+rep vexy is sexy thanks for review E>
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