Limitless Printer - /printer plugin - cost per block placement 1.8

use /printer to infinitely place blocks, costs players per block placement
What is Limitless Printer?
Typing /printer changes the blocks in your inventory to infinitely placeable blocks that cost per placement! (all prices, blocks and messages are configurable)

Example of how this works:

Example of the configuration:


How can I add meta-data to my items?
You can add metadata like this
(itemname)-(metadata): (price)

Need help? Add me on discord
! Shottzyy#0535

Resell rights proof:
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Latest updates

  1. Major bug fixes (update to this version)

    This update fixes a major bug in the plugin. Some materials such as red sand, leaves and some...
  2. Plugin rename

    This update is purely because I am renaming this plugin, I am also planning on bringing some...
  3. My paypal is now fixed + the plugin is now $3 cheaper!

    My paypal is now fixed + the plugin is now $3 cheaper!

Latest reviews

Best printer plugin bro simple and different from all other servers
many many bugs - such as not having infinite items when supposed to be
you did not contact me about the issue? it works well for countless other users.
The best plugin i've ever bought i recommend this to every server that allowed schematica
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