ShopGuiPlus Configuration | Fully Customizable | 1.3

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A balanced shops configuration suitable for Skyblock & Factions servers

This is designed for both a factions & skyblock server and the plugin ShopGuiPlus is required in order for the files I will provide you with to function.

Shops Listed
Building, Tools & Armor, Minerals, Foods & Farming, Mob Drops, Brewing, Potions, Decoration, Raiding, Redstone, Spawners, and Cosmetics & Esc


Required Plugins

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Latest updates

  1. Bucket stack sizes changed

    To bypass the bug with item stacking I changed the stack size on the lava and water buckets. Use...
  2. Redid Tools shop & Spawner Shop

    Removed all of the useless spawners in spawners section Redid the tools section
  3. Fixed missing shops, shop item bugs, increased spawner price

    In this update, I fixed the bugs where items may not appear in the given menu, the mob spawner...

Latest reviews

nice config just need to make it so that lava buckets and water buckets are not stackable. If you buy more than one and use it you loose the lot
Changed in the new update. There is a way you can fix the buckets from glitching out when they are in stacks with a separate plugin
good layout but the consle error's are still there,
lots of errors in console BUT it did seem to still work the one problem is looks like about 4 spawners arnt working
Thanks for the review! I will check that out right now.
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