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Have you Ever Wanted an amazing guns addon for dead society, well now you do

TexturePack Suggestions
  • The Official Texture Pack is included in the DsGuns Extras Pack​
Other Guides
Getting started
▒▒ Gun Folder and Configurations

First of all, before you create a gun, you have to make sure that guns folder exists inside DSGuns plugin folder. If guns folder does not exist, you create it.

To create a gun, the only thing you have to do is, create a yml file by the guns name inside guns folder. For example glock17.yml.

There will be gun examples that you can download and paste them before you start the server.

Download default gun examples:

The Default gun file is included in the DsGuns Extras Pack

(This Will Eventually Be Included With The Plugin)
Available Gun Examples:

  • python​
  • m9​
  • glock17​
  • g36​
  • m16a4​
  • ak47​
  • flaregun​
  • rpg​
  • barrett50cal​
▒▒ Gun information
item-name: <name>
item-type: <material>
item-durability: <amount>
item-lore: <line1>|<line2>|<line3>|<line4> ...>


The item's display name - the name that the players will see when selecting this item.

Example: By using the color-code for red &c, you can color an item's name: "&c red display name", you can add as many colors you want.


The Material of the item's type. For example, if you would like the item to be a Diamond Pickaxe, you would put item-type: DIAMOND_PICKAXE


The durability of the item's time(or data). For example, if your item is a Diamond Pickaxe and your custom textured gun is with another value of this type, you would put item-durability: <amount>.


The item's description. This is what players will see when hovering their mouse over the item. To indicate a new line, use a vertical bar |.

Example: item-lore: "&aThis is line one.|&bThis is line two.|&cThis is line three."

Also has a box character/symbol -> ▉ as a gun description about its statistics if need to. A box can be taken by doing: %box[value]%, e.g if someone wants to have 5 boxes with gray color and 5 other boxes with dark gray color: &7 %box5% &8 %box5%, &7 = Gray, &8 = Dark Gray.

▒▒ Shooting
projectile-damage: <amount>
projectile-type: <type>
projectile-distance-removal: <amount | ticks>
projectile-amount: <amount>
projectile-speed: <amount>
projectile-delay-between-shots: <ticks>
shooting-default-sound: <sound>-<volume>-<pitch>
shooting-custom-sound: <custom-sound>


The amount of damage each bullet or other type will deal.


There are three values that you can input: snowball, flare, rocket.

  • Snowballs are highly recommended for ordinary projectiles.

  • Flares, travel in a relatively straight line and burn upon impact. Mostly for Flareguns.

  • Rockets, travel in a relatively straight line and explode upon impact. Mostly for Rocket Launchers.​

Set the amount of the distance you want to remove a projectile. Flares and Rockets have different type of a distance removal. The difference between is that snowballs are having ticks. For example, projectile-distance-removal: 50 this is for Flares and Rockets, projectile-distance-removal: 10this is for snowballs. You can also check in the game the difference.


The number of projectiles that are launched per shot.


The speed of the fired projectile. A value from 0.1 - 10 is recommended(3-4 recommended) for snowballs, and 0.1 - 4 for Flares and Rockets(1-2 recommended). Projectiles with a high speed will begin to show signs of path warping due to a visual bug on Minecraft's side.


The delay in ticks that the player must wait before the next shot can be fired.


The sound played whenever the gun is fired. Example, ENTITY_WITHER_DEATH-1-1.


The custom sound played whenever the gun is fired. Example, note.m4_shoot, note.ak47_shoot.

▒▒ Reload
starting-amount: <amount>
reload-amount: <amount>
reload-cooldown-delay: <ticks>
reload-remove-type-amount: <amount>
reload-type: <material>
reload-default-sound: <sound>-<volume>-<pitch>
reload-custom-sound: <custom-sound>


The amount of ammo the weapon starts with when it is first spawned. For example, if reload-amount is set to 40, and start-amount is set to 20, then the weapon will start off with 20 out of 40 ammo.


This value essentially determines the magazine capacity of the weapon. In other words, how many bullets can this weapon hold and fire before a reload is required? And how many bullets will be restored to the weapon upon a reload?


The amount of time in ticks it will take to completely reload the weapon. Before you set any amount, it already has a delay of 2 seconds.


The amount of ammo when the weapon needs to be reloaded. For example, if reload-type is FLINT, and reload-remove-type-amount is set to 1, then the weapon will remove 1 FLINT from your inventory to reload the weapon. If you want your weapon to be infinite, you would put reload-remove-type-amount: 0. Do not remove reload-type.


The Material to reload a weapon. For example, if you would like the material to be a Flint, you would put reload-type: FLINT


The sound played whenever the gun is reloading. Example, ENTITY_WITHER_DEATH-1-1.


The custom sound played whenever the gun is reloading. Example, note.assault_rifle_reload

Creating a Gun Signshop
I have to infrom you to not set the price with dots or any other type that is not just a single number.

To apply a gun name, the name should look the same like from guns.yml configuration file.



DeadSocietyGuns Aliases: /DeadSocietyGuns, /Dsg

DeadSocietyGunsPermissions Aliases: /DeadSocietyGunsPermissions, /DsgPermissions, /DsgPerms

DeadSocietyGunsReload Aliases: /DeadSocietyGunsReload, /DsgReload

  • /Dsg - Shows all available commands.

  • /DsgPerms- Shows all available permissions.

  • /DsgReload - Reload all data related to guns.yml and config.yml configuration files.​
  • /Guns [give | list] - Give or get the list of all the available guns.​
Guns Upgrade
  • /Upgrade - An option to upgrade guns on the next stage. Gives infinite ammunition and flame powered bullets.​
  1. Infinite Ammunition

  2. Poison-Powered Bullets.​

  • dsg.use - Use /Dsg command.

  • dsg.permissions - Use /DsgPerms command.

  • dsg.reload - Use /DsgReload command.​
  • dsg.[gun] - Use a specific gun type.

  • dsg.guns.* - Use all the guns.

  • dsg.gunscmd - Use /Guns command.​
Guns Signshop
  • dsg.signshop.use - Purchase guns.

  • dsg.signshop.create - Create signshops.

  • dsg.signshop.break - Break signshops.

  • dsg.signshop.* - Use all the permissions.​
Guns Upgrade
  • dsg.upgrade - Use /Upgrade command.​
All Permissions
  • dsg.* - Use all the permissions.​
1. Don't Decompile this Plugin
2. Ask for support in my discord not the comments https://discord.gg/bqQMWGt
3. I Don't Do Custom Stuff
4. Check out geek1243.cf for cool stuff

Latest updates

  1. Lang update

    Updated lang file Separated the plugin from the zip various bug fixes more guns coming in the...
  2. The Resource pack update

    I have included a modifyed version of the havoc mc resource pack that will work with dsguns and...



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