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Cannon fixes / Spigot Tweaks !
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This Spigot Tweaks package will improve your server's performance and game mechanics. This package includes commonly requested features such as cannon fixes, disabled natural
mob spawns and many other tweaks to improve your server's performance.

Features of this package:
1.) Cannon Repairs - Cannon fixes have been included in this package, essentially, what cannon fixes do is prevent cannons from exploding, and reverts TNT and sand stacking mechanics back to what it was in the 1.7.10 version of Minecraft. Optimal for factions servers.

2.) Disabled Natural Mob Spawns - Disabling natural minecraft monster spawning can improve server and client performance by reducing the amount of spawn events which have to be handled from both. This can be re-enabled in the bukkit.yml file which has come attached with the package.

3.) Disabled Monster AI - Disabling monster AI further reduces monster tracking events, even though mobs only spawn with spawners in this package. Disabling this is a full-proof fail safe for if that aspect of the package is corrupt in any way.

4.) Automated Corruption Detection - This package automatically detects and fixes corrupted chunks and data in the world file. This is done through a custom-configured system in the spigot.yml, details of this system will not be released until required.

5.) Custom Anti-XRay Engine - The custom anti XRay engine is gauranteed to stop regular XRay hacks by replacing blocks which are commonly xrayed with new ones at random. This changes every so often, also. This engine is updated every week to keep your server free from cheaters! (this does not replace your anticheat)

6.) Increased Crop Growth - Required for many Factions & Skyblock servers, we have increased the crop growth rate by 2x the default. This makes it so player's have to AFK a lot less to get somewhere on your server.

Screenshots of the package
Please link these images to the 'image' section of MCM.


Terms of Service:
1.) You may not re-sell or re-distribute this package in any way, shape or form.
2.) You may not chargeback on your purchase, as this package offers exactly what is described.
3.) Please do not complain to us about promises which we have not made.
4.) This package does not replace your anticheat, and does not gaurantee results on every host.
5.) If any of these TOS are failed to be followed, conditions will apply.

Extra Information:

This package does not include a custom spigot jar, just the configurations itself. All of the features above required little to no custom code.
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