[OLD] Custom Bosses Config 9 Well-Made Epic Bosses 1.0.2

The Best Custom Bosses Configuration
So, I noticed that there aren't many custom boss configurations out there. So I decided to make this one.

You can make players pay for these bosses and get ton of donations! Great for skyblock, prison, factions and survival!

NOTE: This only contains bosses.yml and skills.yml! Meaning you will need to configure the loot table! In the future, I might add preconfigured loot!

These are gone through a bit of testing and are well-made bosses. However, keep in mind that the difficulty is dependant on the player. I just put the difficulty that I seem fit in the configuration. I am doing a sale for first few buyers, I will raise the price later since, I plan on making the bosses even better with improved skills, etc.

Here is a list of bosses ►

- Lethargy
- Black Magic
- Grapple
- Launch
- Crumble

Requirements ►
Custom Bosses Plugin
Plugins which are required for the custom bosses plugin to work.

By Purchasing this resource you agree to the following:

Note: Failing to follow these TOS will get you banned from downloading this and all of my resources. You will also be reported to the admins of the MC-Market.org site.

No Refunds
You are not allowed to redistribute or leak the configuration in any form, including as a part of any packages.
You CAN NOT resell or give away the configuration or any parts of it that are configured by me.
You are not allowed to take credit to any of my work.

Latest updates

  1. [Sale for first few buyers] Custom Bosses Config ► 9 Well-Made Epic Bosses

    [+] Added New Skills: - Lethargy - Black Magic - Grapple - Launch - Crumble SALE will end after...
  2. Fixed A Typo

    Fixed a typo in the config.

Latest reviews

This is a good resource and looks to have taken good time to have been made, yet it only supports YAML which is CustomBosses rather than EpicBosses which is configured in JSON.
its not working it must be json not yml i tried changing but it doesnt work can u help me
Unfortunately for some reason two bosses are not spawning: "Soul of Satan" and "Shadowbemoth", also for the Molten boss, I cannot seem to damage it with a sword at all. Can you please tell me how to fix these things?
Well made plugin, good starting point for a server.
They were way too weak for my server, but with some buffing and tinkering I made them work. All in all great plugin!
Thank you, yeah some people say it was too hard for them some say it was too easy, you just gotta tweak it a little on health and potion effects and enchants.
Well made. I customised them to fit my server but this saves me a lot of time
Great Bosses. They all work well and are perfect for factions paired with custom enchants as they might be a little too hard for non-OP factions. Overall great Config.
Glad you like it!, This bosses are for custom enchant faction servers.
These bosses are some of the best bosses i've seen anywhere, very well configured and I would not hesitate purchasing them for your server whether you have a skyblock, factions, or survival server. 10/10
Thanks! I am glad you like it!


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