ChunkbusterPlus 50% off BLACK FRIDAY [FactionsUUID & SavageFactions] 1.3

Chunkbusters taken to the next level.

Latest updates

  1. Optimizations & Compatibility

    The plugin is now compatible with SavageCore and a little faster, Enjoy <3
  2. 1.7.10 support & more customizability woo!

    I added support to change the help command and the plugin branding in cause you do not want to...
  3. Owner claim support + material Change

    Hey guys, Added the ability to change the material of the chunkbuster and owner claims wont let...

Latest reviews

Works perfectly, would recommend also very configurable!
great plugin works perfect, two things though. Could you make it go a little faster with fawe, also could you make it also have an option to remove bedrock up to Y level 1?
this is the best plugin ever! keep it up
Very good plugin with a lot of options to customize it and fantastic developer that helped me to solve a problem with 1.7.10 version!
This pluggin is awesome great job and it works as a charm keep making great pluggins like this ;) <3 much love
Nothing works, tried contacting for assistance and no reply. My players are unhappy without the chunkbusters. I will change rating when you reply and help me fix in discussion.
Doesn't At All Work Don't Buy This Plugin I Brought A New Server With 0 Plugins Just To Test This With EVERY Version On Minecraft On Every Version Of This Plugin Not 1 Worked! don't download till fixed!!

Plugin Dosent Even Show Up As A Plugin On My Server!
lol, you could try asking me for help.
Very good resource. Savage is an awesome person. He is very open to suggestions in his Discord Support Server. Would 100% recommend this over other ChunkBuster Plugins. This will 100% be your best-bet in the long run. It's worth your money!



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