Animated Blocks Plus Impress your players [1.8 - 1.12.2] [OPEN SOURCE] 1.3

Animate blocks LIVE with particles and control speed of animation, 100% customizable.
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    • Animated Blocks Plus: is a Custom Skript made by Ayham Alali, and he decided to share it with you :)
    • Why Plus? Well, Take a look at Features section :)
    • Read the whole page before purchasing.
    • Just a quick look..


    • Fully customizable (Messages, config ...)
    • Configuration files (.yml) (config.yml, messages.yml)
    • Unlimited number of animated blocks.
    • Create everything In-game without effort.
    • Control animation speed.
    • Control Particles & amount of particles.
    • Enable/Disable animated blocks.
    • Ability to toggle breaking of animated blocks.
    • Ability to teleport to animated blocks.
    • Multi-world support.
    • Lag free
    • Bugs free
    • Compatible with 1.8 - 1.12.2
    • Config.yml ↓
    • Code:
      # Config file of Animated Block Plus
      # Here you can add blocks (you also can add block in-game with '/ab create <ID>')
      # A quick tip: if you wan to use data values check your skript (english|german) aliases, you can't use ':<number>' let's say you want to use block 5:3 you will type 'junglewood plank' (<type>wood plank) (this is how skript works)
      # the General syntax of blocks is:
          #enabled: 'true' > true/false
          #world: 'world' > world name
          #location: 'x: -70.5, y: 115.5, z: 606.5' > location don't play with this
          #speed: '100' > animation speed in ticks
          #blocks: > blocks goes here | if you want to use data value use like "junglewood plank" do not use :<number> it won't work! (check line 3)
          #- diamond_ore
          #- gold_ore
          #- junglewood plank
          #particle: flame
          #particlecount: '3'
      version: '1.3'
      nobreak: 'true'
      particles-radius: '15'
          enabled: 'false'
          world: world
          location: 'x: -70.5, y: 115.5, z: 606.5'
          speed: '10'
          - diamond_ore
          - gold_ore
          particle: flame
          particlecount: '3'
          enabled: 'false'
          world: world
          location: 'x: -71.5, y: 115.5, z: 608.5'
          speed: '10'
          - diamond_ore
          - gold_ore
          - redstone_ore
          - lapis_ore
          - iron_ore
          particle: flame
          particlecount: '3'
          enabled: 'true'
          world: world
          location: 'x: -70.5, y: 116.5, z: 607.5'
          speed: '10'
          - diamond_ore
          - gold_ore
          - gold_block
          - diamond_block
          - emerald_block
          particle: flame
          particlecount: '20'
          enabled: 'true'
          world: test
          location: 'x: -0.5, y: 33.5, z: 4.5'
          speed: '10'
          - diamond_ore
          - gold_ore
          particle: flame
          particlecount: '20'
    • Messages.yml ↓
    • Code:
      prefix: "&d&l&oAB&8 |"
      abenabled: '&a{id}&7 is now &a&lENABLED'
      abdisabled: '&c{id}&7 is now &c&lDISABLED'
      idexists: '&c{id} exists.'
      idnotexist: '&c{id} is not exist.'
      noids: '&cThere are no registered blocks.'
      alreadyenabled: '&a{id}&7 already Enabled.'
      alreadydisabled: '&c{id}&7 already Disabled.'
      speedchange: '&7Set animation speed of ID (&a{id}&7) to &a{speed}&7 ticks'
      listtopline1: '&8(&c!&8)&7&m----&c&l&o Animated Blocks List &7[&a{count}&7] &7&m----&8(&c!&8)'
      listlists: '&7 - ID: &a{blocks}'
      listbuttomline: '&8(&c!&8)&7&m--------------------------------&8(&c!&8)'
      nobreakmsg: '&cYou can''t break this block'
      conreloaded: '&aConfiguration files reloaded.'
      plreloaded: '&aPlugin reloaded.'
      noperm: '&cYou don''t have permission to do that.'
      particlecountchanged: "&aSuccessfully changed &7{id}&a's particle count to &7{count}&a."
      particlechanged: "&aSuccessfully changed &7{id}&a's particle to &7{particle}&a."

    • /animatedblocks create <ID> - Create a new animated block
      • Aliases: ab, animatedb, ablocks
    • /animatedblocks remove <ID> - Remove animated block
    • /animatedblocks addblock <ID> <block> - add block to animated block locks list
    • /animatedblocks removeblock <ID> <block> - Remove block from animated block blocks list
    • /animatedblocks list - show list of created blocks
    • /animatedblocks disable <ID> - Disable an animated block
    • /animatedblocks enable <ID> - Enable an animated block
    • /animatedblocks setspeed <ID> <number> - set animation speed of an animated block (in ticks [20 ticks = 1 second])
    • /animatedblocks tp <ID> - teleport to animated block
    • /animatedblocks blocks <ID> - show the current blocks in a specific animated block
    • /animatedblocks reload (plugin[pl]|config[con]) - reload the plugin or the config only
    • /animatedblocks help - Show the help message
    • /animatedblocks version - Check the plugin version

    • Skript 2.2+ (functions support)
    • SkQuery-Lime
    • skUtilities
    • SkRayFall
    • Any Permission plugin (PermissionsEx ...)
    • How to install:
      • Download requirements and put them in the plugins folder
      • reload/start the server to let skript folder generate
      • put the .sk file you've downloaded in "plugins/skript/scripts"
      • put the plugin folder which contains the .yml files in the plugins file
      • [re]start the server and have fun :)

    • abp.cmd.main (To use the main command)
    • abp.cmd.main.<arg> (like "abp.cmd.main.reload")
    • abp.checkupdate (UpdateChecker)






    • Give me your Suggestion :)
    • Add particles to animation √


    • I'm trying hard to earn money to run my server (OPG4MERS) again, So if you want to help me by donating that would be cool, And don't forget to send me your IGN because i will give you "Supporter" rank in my server :)
    • If you have anything else you can donate i will be Thankful to you




    • If i forgot something please do not make a bad/low review/rating, Just pm me.

    • Thank you for Purchasing my plugin
    • Have fun.

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