PotionGUI 1.0

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PotionGUI allows you to choose different potion effects which are in a GUI.
With PotionGUI you can select various potion effects from a GUI with 3 categories. The 3 categories are listed below.
  • Movement - Movement related Potion Effects such as Speed are listed this category.
  • Combat - Combat related Potion Effects such as Strength are listed in this category.
  • Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous Potion Effects such as Invis are listed in this category.

potiongui - Opens the GUI where you can select various Potion Effects or clear your current effects.
cleareffects - Allows you to clear your, or another user's current potion effect.

potiongui.clear - Allows a user to clear other people's potion effects.


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Snippet: http://prntscr.com/iz5337

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Latest reviews

Add the option to buy the effects
¡Good Plugin!
Very Good Plugin as a whole with little bugs.

A way this plugin could be improved is adding the ability to purchase potion effects with Vault compatible economy plugins such as Essentials.

You can't really have this as a donator perk either due to the lack of per/effect permissions.
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