Essentials Message/Motd Configs 4.0

Change the ugly gold and red messages to something prettier!
I know I am not the only one that hates the default essentials colors and motd. Hate no longer! This resource comes with a smexy MOTD and recolors essentials's messages so you don't have to stare at that ugly gold red nonsense!
(Also helps if your server is color themed so it keeps the immersion in)


Is there a style you want added or an issue? I offer premium, nonstop support for this, so just pm me and I'll make it right when I see your message!

Benchmarks and Rewards

5 Purchases - Unlocked Light and Dark Purple Color Set
10 Purchases - Unlocked Light Gray and Green & Dark Gray and Yellow Color Set
25 Purchases - Unlocked Template set and instructions
50 Purchases - ???
75 Purchases - ???
100 Purchases - ???​

Latest updates

  1. 25 Purchases! Thank you!

    You are all helping me pay my way through college, thank you so much! The reward for 25...
  2. New colors!

    Thanks for 10 purchases! We have reached another goal! Due to that, I have added two requested...
  3. The Love Update

    Thank you so much for 5 purchases! To celebrate I have added a popularly requested color set...

Latest reviews

Amazing setup for the motd for essentials. Came on here looking for somthing just like this and came to the right place. I recommend this 10/10
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