[$6.50] FactionCore | MassiveCore & FactionsUUID | Cannon Patches | Shockwave & Harvester | 35% off! 1.2

Don't want to spend hundreds on custom plugins? Compete with all the top servers with this plugin.
Hello guys! Today I will be releasing the Alpha version of FactionCore. This core includes many of the features that are crucial for a factions server to succeed. Remember, this is the alpha version so there may still be bugs in it. I will be looking for people to help test out the current and future features and also people to record a video on this plugin. The plugin has the following dependencies:

  • MassiveCraft Factions & Massivecore or FactionsUUID
  • Spigot 1.8+ (World border)
  • Silk spawners (Spawner Drops)
  • ProtocolLib (SilentTNT)
  • Worldguard / worldedit

The plugin has been tested with Paperspigot 1.8.8 using Massivecraft factions 2.7 and the newest release of FactionsUUID

The price is $6.50 for JAR and $15 for source. I chose these prices because I feel that just by having these features on your server, you will easily make the money back. PM me if you are interested in purchasing the core. Please allow up to 48 hours before I reply, I might be very busy.

Current Features (Alpha Version)
  • Shockwave and Infusion pickaxes and shovels (3x3 & 5x5)
  • Harvester Hoes
  • World Border patches (Sand stacking, Blocks exploding, Water, Entities)
  • Anti Auto Cannons
  • Anti Cobweb defense (Configurable amount per block)
  • No water prot for Spawners, Beacons, and chests (All are configurable and radius and percentages can be changed)
  • Sand can be stacked on non-full blocks such as enchanting tables, chests, etc.
  • Items will not explode from TNT
  • Lava sources can be blown up by TNT
  • Remove TNT knockback
  • Remove TNT damage
  • Anti Roof Cannons
  • SilentTNT
  • Creepers Drop TNT
  • Pigmen drop gold
  • Witches drop potions
  • Golems do not drop roses
  • Water cannot be placed in nether
  • Anti Wither Spawning
  • Anti Loot Stealing
  • Anti bow boosting
Features to add:
  • No anvil break
  • Hopper filter
  • Spawner upgrades
  • Stop items burning
  • Suggest more in PM or in comments below
  • 1.7 Support!
  • JellyLegs


  • futurecore.givetools
  • factioncore.givewands
  • factioncore.usewands

Proof of ownership:

Latest updates

  1. Small Update

    Updated the name in plugin.yml to make viewing logs easier.
  2. Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug with spawner water protection.

Latest reviews

It spams your console though when a golem dies.
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