SuperChat Package Constantly Updating Optimized Sale 4.2

Configs for ChatControl, ChatReaction, and more!
Every good server needs some good chat plugins to improve everything, why not use ChatControl, ChatReaction, and more to come? Some of the most popular chat plugins there are!? These is annoying to setup though, don't worry because I got your back!

• What my Configs Comes With •
- Message Announcements
- Additional censored words (because people know ways around the n word and such)
- Custom messages for people trying to do commands they shouldn't
- Custom responses to those pesky staff hunters
- More in depth messages for Admins
- Setup mods/admins to have less or no cooldown
- Optimized to not spam your console
- Auto-punctuate sentences for those people that don't know how to grammar
- And more constantly being added!
- Hundreds of words for ChatReaction!


Latest updates

  1. More words!

    As Minecraft continues to update I have updated the word list to include more words!
  2. A Whole New Level

    Decided to revamp this entire resource into a super chat package instead of keeping it as just...
  3. Additional Goodies

    ♦ Added additional announcement messages ♦ Added custom join/leave messages ♦ Fixed join message...

Latest reviews

Finally got something that I was looking for :)
Thank you for the rating :) if you have any feedback feel free to pm me :D
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