Factions End Terrain V.2 | 8,000 x 8,000 2.0

Factions End Terrain
File format
  1. World
end factions terrain warzone
Factions End Warzone and Terrain. Area 8000x8000 and includes sandstone up to 30. Faction claims lineup on the borders and has flat bedrock. Warzone has custom trees, void cracks, and custom spawn.
* This is a world file NOT A SCHEMATIC *

FactionsUUID /f sc command used.
Positive - Negitive Corner: https://gyazo.com/c41eb9ed9731b4aa5794c03f1f0728e6
Negitive - Positive Corner: https://gyazo.com/e1025c828851453ceee3b816417e5a4b
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Latest updates

  1. Removed Encryption Key.

    I accidentally uploaded an encrypted version of the zip. It has been removed. Sorry for the...
  2. Compression Changes | Terms and Conditions Update

    Hello everyone, First off, I would like to say that I have updated my Terms and Conditions in...

Latest reviews

Nice warzone, just a bit tedious to setup. Once it is setup, it's a beautiful warzone. would buy again.
Lovely Build Very much worth $5!
Very good end map, no bugs and developer is very helpful and active and will fix any problems you have. Would recommend getting this
Thanks for the amazing review and support <3
This is the best map ever. Before I bought it, I was a poor server admin. But now, I'm getting a lot of money with the help of this map. I recommend this to everybody.
Very bad just like the other 8k by 8k nether, its not 8k its like 4 at max, definitly going to chargeback cuz i dont want to waste my money on this fool
lol, the border its self is 4k, 8000x8000 refers to the width and length of the map.
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